Bugs and Buttons 2

Bugs and Buttons 2

Bugs and Buttons 2 is developed by Little Bit Studio, LLC. and is the sequel to their app Bugs and Buttons. It teaches children with counting, sorting, matching, shapes, body parts, their fine motor skills, and more. It costs $2.99 to download and has no in-app purchases. It is compatible with the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch and requires iOS 4.3 or later.

One thing I prefer about this app is that you get way more chances to get an answer wrong. On Bugs and Buttons, you get three, four chances then the mini-game is over. On this app, you get around eight chances.

This app contains eighteen mini-games:

  1. Button Repair (match broken buttons back together)
  2. Flashlight Find (search for bugs hidden under buttons)
  3. Bubble Float (help a buttery trapped in a bubble float pass obstacles)
  4. Sort Factory (sort buttons based on color and design)
  5. Picnic Invader (tap bugs to stop them from stealing the picnic food)
  6. Button Count (count the buttons on the screen and choose the correct answer, does 1 to 20)
  7. Ant Herd (you must swipe objects out of the marching bugs’ way)
  8. Oddball (you select the button that is different from the others)
  9. Music Match (7 piano keys are used to play a tune, you must repeat it in the same order)
  10. Pond Jumper (a bug or button attempts to jump across a pond, you must move a lily pad on the water to help it bounce across)
  11. Button Match (match the button to the correct word; ex: black, blue, circle, yellow, purple, orange)
  12. RC Racer (you control a car and must avoid running into other bugs; your left hand controls speed, your right hand controls left or right movement)
  13. Letter Tank (you fill in the missing letter into its correct position in the alphabet)
  14. Guess What? (a bug draws a shape/number/letter and you touch the correct answer: G, 3, octagon, heart, 7, triangle, R, star, 9 etc.)
  15. Puppet Show (this a game of Simon-Says about the name of body parts; wrist, foot, nose, heart, hair, chin, knee, etc.)
  16. Defender (you use both fingers to stretch a rubber band over crossing bugs to protect them from falling buttons)
  17. Number Garden (as a bee, you have to follow the numbers in order and fly the bee to the flower with a 1 on it, then 2, then 3, etc.)
  18. Bug Crossing (this is like the old game Frogger where you jump a bug around moving bugs and across a river using lilly pads and logs)

iPhone/iPod Link: Bugs and Buttons 2 – Little Bit Studio, LLC.

iPad Link: Bugs and Buttons 2 – Little Bit Studio, LLC.